Smart Motor (B2B)

Drive Smart, Pay as you drive – Service for B2B only.


Worryless the burden of preparing documents for claiming from flight delays.

Pay as you Drive

System will calculate premium as you drive per kilometres


Using USB technology rather than OBD2 which may harm your car.

Monthly Premium

Rather than paying big amount of premium on day#1, just pay little as you drive.


You can check your premium in near real-time on you mobile (Line Application)

Your safty is Important

Just plug it into a USB port or power outlet in your car only. The operation of the device is to receive satellite signals and send them to the system via built-in mobile internet (3G/4G) without interfering with the vehicle processing unit (ECU).

Compatible with all car models If your car doesn’t have a USB port, you can also use a 12V power adapter or cigarette lighter to USB port.


OIC Sandbox

Participated in an innovation testing project that uses technology to support service For Insurance Business (Insurance Regulatory Sandbox)


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the premiums, coverage and other service charges?

Insurance premiums are normal rates of insurance companies and with coverage of first class car insurance in all respects. Insurance premiums are split into two parts.
– The first part is the basic insurance premium. Pay when agreeing to be insured once/policy year.
– The second part is monthly insurance premiums. Calculated from the actual distance traveled and billed monthly.
In addition, there are no service charges for using additional platform services.

Basic premium and distance premium Is each car the same?

No, it depends on on the brand, model and year of the car.

How to start?

We are providing an entire solution for your insurance business. We have been working with OIC to assist you on filing and approval, Actuarial to calculate premiums, trusted devices from our partner which built-in SIM cards already and, lastly, Reinsuer to share your risks.

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