Fly like a PRO


Worryless the burden of preparing documents for claiming from flight delays.

Near Real Time

Near Real Time update flight statuses from global sources


The same sources as Global reputated providers


Seat belt, relax and ready for the take off

Why Larchar

With many reasons, statiscally flights are delay from its schedule while passengers would have to wait for an announcement from the airport. Why don’t just see it on your hand?

Airline Tracking
Airport Tracking
Avg. Flight Delay
35 mins


Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

We will be monitoring the flight you have registered, and push a message to you when it has significantly changed such as its schedule. Effortlessly, you can just relax in the coffee shop and be ready for the take-off.

How can I subscribe?

Just learn more about it at or link below.

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